Geneva Soccer Club Interclub resoruces

End of season Scrimmage.
Geneva Soccer would like to thank everyone that participated in making this soccer season a great success. Parents and guardians did a fantastic job adhering to the guidelines. Players did an awesome job both at working hard during practices and putting their efforts on display at Saturday scrimmages. Geneva Soccer is grateful for the contributions of all coaches and volunteers. Without all of your efforts, we would not have been able to have such a great season.
To conclude the fall 2020 Geneva Soccer season we will be holding large field 50 minute scrimmages for each age group. Teams and schedule are as follows:
2010 game @ 9am White (team 1 and team 2) vs Red (team3 and team4)
2008 game @ 10am White (team 5 and team 6) vs Red (team 7 and team 8)
2006 game @ 11am White (team 9 and team 10) vs Red (team 11 and team 12)
See you all this weekend.
Geneva Soccer.