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What is travel soccer?

Geneva Travel Soccer is a program designed to develop youth players beyond what is typically learned in Rec soccer. Geneva currently has several teams in many different age groups.  These teams play against teams from nearby communities in Northeast Ohio. Typically, teams play one game per week and practice twice weekly during the season.  

What age do children start playing travel soccer?

Children usually start in second grade depending on their date of birth. However, the program is always looking for interested players at almost every age group.  A travel soccer player will typically play with the same team throughout their travel career resulting the player forming bonds with teammates and making strong friendships.


How much travel is involved?

The travel season is run very much like the Rec league. Teams play a spring and fall session. Each session is comprised of four home games and four away games.  Away game are played at nearby communities, generally within one hour travel time.  Travel soccer games are usually played on Sunday afternoons.

Who Coaches the teams?

Coaches are selected and overseen by the Geneva Soccer board. Coaches are usually parents with prior soccer/coaching experience. All coaches must possess a coaching license from the United States Youth Soccer Association which is issued only after the candidate completes the mandated hours of classroom and on-the-field training. All coaches must also complete a background check.

How do I get on a travel team?

At the conclusion of our spring rec program we hold a travel soccer tryout for the following fall travel session.  Any players interested in joining a travel team will get a chance to meet the coaches and showcase their soccer skills.  All the players that try out will be referred to a coach based on age and gender.  The coach will then contact you.  We do not hold a formal tryout for players looking to join the spring session but we can get you in contact with the appropriate coach and you can arrange a tryout.

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